About Us

EaStCHEM, the joint Chemistry Research School of the Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews generates a large volume of internationally-leading, high-impact research.
We have a critical mass of 82 research group leaders and our expertise spans the entire spectrum of chemistry.  The four research themes are further enhanced by multidisciplinary centres that promote collaboration with academic and industrial colleagues in physics, engineering, environmental sciences, geology, biology and medicine as well as targeting impact in the commercial and policy-making sectors. The continued success and sustainability of EaStCHEM has been augmented by major upgrades and investments in infrastructure, equipment and people. Our pooling model has been highlighted as best practice by both the 2009 EPSRC International Review of Chemistry and The External Review of Chemistry Pooling by the Scottish Funding Council, 2009. EaStCHEM staff members also contribute to the chemistry community at large: Lesley Yellowlees is currently President of the RSC; Eleanor Campbell: Chair of Heads of Chemistry UK. Peter Tasker is Head of ScotCHEM, and David Cole-Hamilton is President of EuCHeMS.
Key highlights since 2008 include

  • More than 300 papers in top journals (as defined by Web of Knowledge - Science/Nature and associated journals, JACS and Angew. Chemie) have been published by EaStCHEM academics in the period 2008-13; EaStCHEM's h-index is 65 for papers published in this period.
  • Research awards announced for 2012/13 are in excess of £42 M. More than thirty eight competitively won grants of greater than £1 M have been awarded to EaStCHEM researchers since 2008. Additional milestone-driven translational projects for industrially relevant research include RCUK follow on funds exceeding £4 M. 110 of our PhD students have been fully or partially funded by industry in the 2008-13 period.
  • Five RCUK senior research fellowships, Seven ERC Advanced Investigator and six ERC Starter/Consolidator Grants, have been awarded to researchers, and twenty three early career researchers gained competitively won independent junior fellowships since 2008. We are active members of many research consortia world-wide.
  • Fellows of national academies have been elected world-wide, including since 2008; two new Fellows of the Royal Society, nine new Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, one Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales and one Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. Internationally, EaStCHEM also has Elected Fellows to the Royal Society of Canada, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the European Academy of Science.
  • Our Equality and Diversity policies have been recognised with Athena Swan Gold and Bronze Awards. 15% of our professoriate are female, 23 group leaders are from outside the UK, and 100% of our new staff since 2008 were under 50 years of age on appointment. We were awarded the HR Excellence in Research Award (2010) by the EC in recognition of the steps we have taken to implement the principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.
  • We share our knowledge and skills with public audiences both within and beyond the academic community. Academics, three dedicated outreach officers, and our Public Engagement Career Development Scholars have made our research accessible to more than 110,000 members of the public since 2008. Our teachers' conference brings our research to over 150 teachers annually through lectures and discussions, and various academics are involved in government policy advisory work.