EaStCHEM's vision is to be an environment where impactful science is highly valued and translated effectively to benefit all areas of society. We have a strategic objective to support all aspects of Knowledge Exchange: commercialisation, public policy, entrepreneurship and public engagement, to maximise the impact of this to support & embed these activities in academic life and promote a culture of open and collaborative innovation throughout the joint Research School.
EaStCHEM’s approach is open and designed to be adaptable to all opportunities for maximising impact. We strive to innovate in our goal to exploit research in commercial environments. Researchers at EaStCHEM deliver Impact in a number of ways, and our Pathways to Impact mechanisms are designed to maximise exploitation and engagement across the whole spectrum.
EaStCHEM is committed to providing:

  • World-class skills development through recruiting world-leading academics and maintaining high quality courses, facilities and research-led enquiry
  • Direct and open communication supporting world-class research and its application to the benefit of society
  • Cutting-edge collaborative research and high-quality research services and consultancy with external organisations
  • Research that can be translated into high impact public policy & practice, harnessing our academic expertise to inform evidence-based policy
  • Public engagement through building trusted relationships across a range of public and other organisations and maintaining a two-way dialogue with the public
  • An entrepreneurial environment across the whole of EaStCHEM with a focus on effectively supporting the translation of research into the market place for the economic benefit of society
  • A bank of intellectual property and know-how to support existing businesses and new enterprises.

To deliver our strategy, as a unit we encourage and support all staff/students to be involved in Knowledge Exchange and officially recognise the contribution that impact of all forms brings to the strength of EaStCHEM.
In recent years we have continued to embed entrepreneurial spirit by developing strong links with e.g. Edinburgh Research Innovation (ERI), and StAndrews Knowledge Exchange (StAKE), Scottish Enterprise and other organisations that have expertise in developing impact, investing resource into the promotion of business development, by for example engaging dedicated business development officers at both sites to promote EaStCHEM research outside the University sector.
On an individual basis we will support faculty in a broad range of knowledge translation and mobilisation activities and recognise those individuals who engage with impact through the promotions system. Professional development activities at both sites provide tailored support to encourage all staff to engage with the impact agenda.
Operational delivery and further development of practice and policy are coordinated through EaStCHEM in close collaboration with the two institutions and through effective management, monitoring, measurement and reporting across the Universities. The trajectory of measureable impact within EaStCHEM is particularly striking and provides strong evidence for the successes of the strategy and its implementation.